Bradley Cooper Won't Be Your New Crow Anymore

August 16, 2011


So, remember how Bradley Cooper was going to be our new The Crow? He's not doing that anymore. Perhaps due to scheduling conflicts with Paradise Lost, perhaps due to Cooper suddenly realizing that the Crow get-up is exactly the makeup/clothing pairing he used to beat up goth kids in high school for wearing, he's dropped out of Relativity Media's planned comic book adaptation remake.

Already, though, two new candidates have emerged as frontrunners to follow in the esteemed footsteps of Brandon Lee and less-esteemed footsteps of Edward Furlong. According to THR, Mark Wahlberg and Channing Tatum are now being talked about to play The Crow's murdered rock musician-turned-resurrected goth hero. It's unclear if either actor is interested, or even if Relativity will officially offer them the role, but the consideration of Wahlberg and Tatum does at least give us an idea of what direction the studio is looking to go with this. Toward male underwear ads.

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