Bryan Cranston Finds Some Way To Squeeze in Another Film

August 8, 2011


Back when Bryan Cranston was just a dentist helping George Costanza figure out of a car belonged to Jon Voight, who would have thought Cranston would eventually end up being the more distinguished prior automobile owner? While Voight, in one year alone, hammed his way through both Karate Dog and Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2, Cranston has, over the '11-'12 film season, shown that he is somehow able to be in pretty much every film we're making. Drive, Detachment, Contagion, Red Tails, John Carter, Rock of Ages, Total Recall, and Argo are titles among the upcoming films promising Cranston, and now there's one more film to add to that list: World War Z. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the Breaking Bad star is in talks to join Brad Pitt in the post-zombie-apocalypse thriller. Not much is known about the role, but the part is "said to be small but flashy." One step closer to the dream of an all-Cranston Best Supporting Actor ballot next year.

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