Cameron Crowe Has Repeatedly Pondered, Discussed 'Say Anything...' Sequel

August 1, 2011


The film that forever belittled all non-over-the-head means of romantically transmitting Peter Gabriel could eventually be getting a sequel. Realistically, probably not, but: While out promoting his Pearl Jam movie, director Cameron Crowe took a question about if he'd ever consider a sequel to his beloved 1989 teen romance Say Anything..., to which he responded:

I do kind of think there might be another chapter to that. I've thought about it from time to time, and talked to John Cusack about it. Lloyd Dobler might be back. It's the only thing I've written that I would consider doing that with.

Whether you think this is a good idea or bad idea (yup), if nothing else, hopefully we can all agree what a shame it is we'll apparently never see any other Crowe characters revisited. So many new, astounding facts about the human head that will never be imparted by an old, weird looking Jonathan Lipnicki.


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