'Darkest Hour' Trailer: Only Emile Hirsch Can Save Moscow from Invisible Electricity Monsters

August 3, 2011


With the possible exception of organ harvesting, surely nothing ruins a wild Moscow vacation like the unexplained appearance of hundreds if not thousands of invisible electricity specters from another planet. Alas, in The Darkest Hour, just such a fate befalls Emile Hirsch, Olivia Thirlby, Guy from The Social Network and friends on a Russian excursion they had hoped to spend taking photos of themselves drinking. Instead, the group is forced to confront a strange threat: alien invaders that take the form of vague, yellowish shapes that look like something between the Playstation 3 boot screen and what shoots out of someone being electrocuted in a Bugs Bunny cartoon. Their reason for being here? To gobble up every last bit of Earth's power--because, like a visit to Old Country Buffet, they aren't really going to get a value for the trip unless they really gorge themselves on this shit--and also to vaporize people for the hell of it. Good thing Emile Hirsch knows just how to make special guns that fight amorphous yellow things:

If we could get Darkest Hour's yellow bolt aliens to fight Vanishing on 7th Street's vague shadow monsters, oh my, what a effects budget-conscious Aliens Versus Predator franchise we could make.

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