'Die Hard' Needs a New Director To Put John McClane in Russia

August 1, 2011


The next entry in the Die Hard series has lost its director, but rest assured, that's not going to stop John McClane from yet again, for the fifth time in his adult life, finding himself in an unlikely scenario in which he's forced to pull off a long series of improbable, awe-inspiring stunts to save himself and others. While Noam Murro, the man originally signed on to direct Die Hard 5, recently decided he'd rather make a 300 spin-off, Fox is already moving to find a new director for the project, and have it down to a shortlist of four names: Joe Cornish, Justin Lin, Nicolas Winding Refn, and John Moore.

Cornish is the most unusual name on the list, as he only has one directing credit to his name, and it just came out last week. He's the writer/director behind the well-received chavs-versus-aliens action-comedy Attack the Block, and he's been building even more buzz from his writing collaborations with Edgar Wright on Spielberg's Tintin and Wright's planned Ant-Man movie.

Lin's name is out there because he directs Fast/Furious movies, and those things make so much money. Considering John McClane's increasing tendency to rely use cars as projectile weapons, he sort of makes sense otherwise, too.

Refn already has a tentpole film on his near schedule--that Logan's Run remake he's doing with Ryan Gosling at Warner--but Fox's desire to get him for their film isn't surprising considering how well Refn's Gosling-starring Drive is going down critically. His selection would probably also mean Ryan Gosling as a terrorist, though.

Finally, there's John Moore, whose last couple films were Max Payne and a remake of The Omen. Did you see that Max Payne? Yikes. That is a film completely deserving of all the "Payne-ful" puns it had poured on it upon release. If you want Die Hard 5 to be better than Live Free or Die Hard, this is probably not the guy whose campaign sign you want on your lawn. He's also probably the one who's going to get the job.

For those wondering what forced accent to expect the bad guys to wear this time, the Deadline story has the answer to that, too: Russian. That's right, John McClane is finally indulging his '80s action hero birthright of fighting off the Russians. Good for him.

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