Disney Off To Work on Yet Another Frustrating Reinterpretation of 'Snow White'

August 4, 2011


While Relativity Media and Universal's rival Snow White projects have been trading blows over which will come out first and if it's better to get notable actors or actual dwarves for their dwarves, another fucking Snow White project has quietly been developing since 2002 over at Disney. Their twist? Hey, what if Snow White were in China, and if the dwarves were a group of international fighters--from the U.S., Russia, and more--each with their own distinctive fighting style? Basically, they want to make Snow White and the Seven Dwarves into what would surprisingly be the most faithful adaptation of Street Fighter to date.

Back in February, the studio hired Oscar-nominated Toy Story 3 screenwriter Michael Arndt to script what was then being called Snow White and the Seven. Now, with I Am Legend director Francis Lawrence departing the project, Disney has set up a new director and a new name for their production. The film is now far vaguer with its inspirations, going by the just-announced title The Order of the Seven, and Michael Gracey will be directing. Like more and more tentpole directors these days, Gracey has no feature credits to his name, but his work doing visual effects and directing T-Mobile commercials has seemingly given Disney faith in his ability to man their brand of Snow White. After all, it can't be that hard--everyone is doing this shit.

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