'Faces in the Crowd' Trailer: Milla Jovovich Can't Recognize Features, and Thus Cannot Identify the Serial Killer Only She Has Seen

August 15, 2011


I'll give Faces in the Crowd this much: it's rare to see such single-minded enthusiasm for a a clearly-stumbled-upon-online disorder outside of a television crime/medical procedural. In the film, Milla Jovovich plays a woman attacked by a serial killer on her way home one night. She survives the attempted murder, but there's one problem: now she got a bad cast of the prosopagnosia! Or, as the doctor more plainly puts it, "What you're experiencing: FACE BLINDNESS." Ut oh, Resident Evil, now how are you going to identify the man still planning to kill you at some point in the near future? And how will you recognize your own face when it shows up amongst the video-on-demand options in a month or so? Clues ahead in the first trailer for: Faces in the Crowd.

Faces in the Crowd comes to us from writer/director Julien Magnat, whose congratulatory IMDb bio opens with the promise, "Julien Magnat is completely fluent in spoken and written English." So before you start railing on this, saying that the script sounds like it was run through a translator, don't make yourself sound a fool: this guy totally knows both spoken and written English.

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