'Father of Invention' Trailer: Kevin Spacey is the Billy Mays of Mangling Hands

August 12, 2011


For those wondering how one follows up their film about Larry Cable Guy abandoning his obvious métier to become the only sleeveless employee of a city's health department, here's the answer: with a movie about Kevin Spacey as a recently-incarcerated, still-alive Billy Mays type.

From Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector director Trent Cooper and his co-writer Jonathan D. Krane--big-time producer of such John Travolta hits as Phenomenon, Swordfish, Battlefield Earth, Basic, and the entire Look Who's Talking series--comes Father of Invention, a film that casts Kevin Spacey in a redemption story about an inventor/infomercial guy whose last, sub-Cornballer invention sent him to jail after it hacked off some fingers. Ten years later, he's released and now forced to work for Johnny Knoxville at whatever this movie's Walmart surrogate is--plus, he's got relationships with his daughter and ex-wife to sort out. Heather Graham is there, too, for some reason. What are you doing here if not being topless, Heather Graham?

Remember when it seemed like Kevin Spacey was on his way to becoming one of the most well-regarded actors of his generation? So why does he keep doing these movies that seem like they will have Steve Zahn in them?

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