GOOD BYE: Even Universal Doesn't Want a Ouija Board Movie Anymore

August 24, 2011


Just weeks after Universal cancelled plans to do a Clue remake, the film future of another board-based property now hangs in the balance, its future unclear despite it being a plank specifically designed to foretell the future through spirit magicks. Ouija--the Ouija Board-centered film that has been in development since 2008, when Universal and Hasbro formed their dumb ideas partnership--has now reportedly been put in turnaround, which means Universal won't make the film but leaves Hasbro, producer Michael Bay and currently-attached director McG the option of drifting their bad idea planchette over to another studio. Paramount, who have a strong relationship with Bay and toys thanks to the Robotic Vehicle Men trilogy, is said to have already passed on the project, but Bay and McG will be meeting with other studios next week to pitch their "Jumanji, but with a board covered in letters and numbers instead" concept. Even if no one picks it up, though, it's not all bad for Hasbro: just for Universal dicking them around, they get $5 million, so this Ouija movie is already paying for itself. Just as Ouija boards so often pay for themselves by divulging valuable spirit secrets. I'm coming for all of your golds, spirit world.

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