'Intruders' Trailer: The Intruders are Shadow Specter Things! Or They're Just Clive Owen, Maybe

August 16, 2011


TWO different children! TWO entirely different places! But sonofabitch if both of these kids aren't haunted by the same seemingly-supernatural force!--some sort of shadowy figure that drips, growls, explodes light bulbs, and, according to this trailer's editing, would seem to sometimes drive a motorcycle. Thankfully, one of these children has Clive Owen as a dad, and Clive Owen Dad will not tolerate any shadow specters haunting his child. He will throw so many haymakers at that shadow specter! That is, unless the shadow specter is actually Clive himself, as this trailer sort of lazily implies! What a world!

Or maybe Clive Owen is the boy, and now the shadow specters are back to haunt his daughter, because you have to have Clive-genes to see them? Or the "monster" is just a metaphor for pedophilia. We'll see.


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