Josh Brolin Will Be Your New 'Oldboy' Guy

August 29, 2011


Well, Spike Lee's unfortunate Oldboy remake is still happening, and now we know who's going to star in it. Though originally set up as a Will Smith vehicle back when Spielberg was going to direct and imbue it with all his classically Spielbergian hardcore violence, Spike Lee hates Will Smith, so he's hired on Josh Brolin to star, just to make the Men in Black III premiere awkward. Brolin will play a character presumably no longer named Oh Dae-su, a man mysteriously held prisoner for 15 years and then set free to sort of exact revenge with a hammer. But, man, then it gets COMPLICATED. And, in this version, I imagine it will probably also get less brutal. And maybe a title change to something a little more marketable with the youth? Like, how about Youngboy? Young people love allusions to young people!

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