'Like Crazy' Trailer Hopes You Like Young Love and Emotionally Wrenching Break-Ups

August 1, 2011


A couple being exceedingly cute and a couple breaking up: clearly, two of mankind's most painful things to endure watching as an uninvolved third party that, um, should probably get going or something. But, hey, sometimes it works as a film, so that we can look at these couple interactions, identify with them, reflect on our own experiences, and wonder if that's really what it's like to have a girlfriend. Our latest entry to the young-love-goes-wonky genre is Like Crazy, a film that stars Anton Yelchin and Felicity Jones as a too-charming couple whose love gets stretched to its breaking point when Jones gets deported back to England and the two are unable to Going the Distance, just like Drew Barrymore and Justin Long. Here's your trailer:

So much gazing. You are going to be indie drama Medusa'd so hard.

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