'Man of Steel': First Look at Faora, Superman's Underwear-Free Groin

August 24, 2011


If that first shot of Henry Cavill in his Superman suit left you with some questions, and if those questions were about if Superman still has his underwear outside his jeans, here are the answers: nope. These first, distant shots of Superman's nether-regions reveal that Zack Snyder's hero will be following the path of DC's new comic, losing the external undies and thus rendering the Super-belt down to a fashionable waist cinch. Also seen on set: co-star Antje Traue dressed as new villainess Faora (no more flowing v-necks, apparently) and a guy covered in motion-capture sensor things, so make of that what you will. Or just assume that Superman is going to fight a CGI ape. That's what I'm doing.

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