Melissa McCarthy Will Be Jason Bateman's Latest Comic Partner

August 16, 2011


As the only cast member of Mike & Molly still mobile enough to walk out of CBS's fat joke home of her own comedic locomotion, Melissa McCarthy has done pretty well for herself in the last year. Farting her way to a standout performance in Bridesmaids already secured her a starring role opposite Jon Hamm in Paul Feig's next film, and now she's ready for her next movie comedy rite of passage: doing a high-concept comedy with Jason Bateman. She's just become attached to star with him in the Bateman-produced ID Theft, which is about just that. The part of the identity thief was originally written for a male actor, but Bateman was so impressed with all that bridemaidsing that he's having it re-written for McCarthy. Unfortunately, the ones doing all the pronoun changing are the writer of The Pursuit of Happyness and one of the writers who worked on The Hangover, Part II, Superhero Movie, multiple Scary Movies, and the 1997 Harland Williams space comedy RocketMan. So, please, keep any and all enthusiasm at appropriate levels.

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