Miley Cyrus Making a God Movie

August 2, 2011


Just in case Miley Cyrus's new, pro-marriage equality tattoo has frightened her Christian conservative audience, the Disney-bred entertainer will soon reaffirm to all her fans, don't worry, y'all, she still loves God, too. The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that Cyrus will produce and star in a comedy that "is understood to involve a broken promise to God," which sounds as much like penance for premarital sex as anything I've ever heard as a synopsis.

Though, as seen on Hannah Montana, father Billy Ray Cyrus traditionally puts on a fake mustache to manage his daughter's affairs, with their relationship strained, Miley will instead be producing with her mother, a woman named Tish Cyrus, under their Hope Town Entertainment production banner. Still, though, can't rule out an appearance by Billy Ray in the role of Our Heavenly Father. Must hold on to the hope that God will at last be portrayed as middle-aged man with a soul patch and Meg Ryan's hair.

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