New 'Killer Elite' Trailer Lets De Niro Clear the Air About Why He's in This Thing

August 3, 2011


The new trailer for Killer Elite doesn't exactly add a lot to the grand mythos of the film. That is to say, like the last trailer, it's still BANG, KABOOM, PUNCH, KICK, ONE-LINER, and every other action movie cliche you'd rightly expect when you see our two human equivalents of action movie cliches, Jason Statham and Clive Owen, sharing the screen. It does, however, tack on a rather meta message at the end, targeted at any of you who were wondering why Robert De Niro would agree to be in this near-straight-to-video production. The reason? Why, the same reason he let Ben Stiller stab him in the penis: De Niro got bills to pay, y'all.

All that cash probably came from the Aviator Sunglasses Board's obvious sponsorship of that scene.

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