Old Asian Guy Brought on 'R.I.P.D.' to Counterbalance Lingerie Model

August 26, 2011


Yesterday, we learned model-cum-sort-of-actress Marisa Miller would be playing a ghostly Jeff Bridges' avatar in R.I.P.D., and today comes news that James Hong has also joined the film in a similar role, thus keeping things from getting too sexy. Hong--whose vast filmography spans half a century and such titles as Blade Runner, Wayne's World 2, and the Seinfeld in the Chinese restaurant--will reportedly play Grandpa Chen, the octogenarian form the ghost of Ryan Reynolds takes so that he may re-enter the living realm, because that is apparently how things work in the world of R.I.P.D.. With this casting, it seems pretty obvious that the disparity between the attractiveness of the ghosts and their avatars is going to be played up as a big joke, but the question remains: if you put the ghost of Ryan Reynolds inside an 82-year-old man, can he still do a thousand crunches? Hopefully that will be addressed.

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