'Puncture' Trailer: Chris Evans Definitely Not Normal Lawyer

August 17, 2011


First thing's first: Chris Evans is NOT your normal lawyer! In the trailer for Puncture, you figure that out pretty fast once you see Evans shirtless, in a tie, in a hotel room, practicing an argument on some drug users. Mostly because immediately after that scene, a title card flashes "NOT YOUR NORMAL LAWYER," thereby telling us that this guy is not your normal lawyer. But still, there are other indications that Captain America is not your normal lawyer. For example: he's a drug addict! So much so that the one Requiem for a Dream song--yes, the one you're thinking--plays when he's doing dramatic things. Also: he has tattoos and a beard! So that you know he's not playing Captain America right now. Anyway, you get the idea--this is the LAST guy you expect to take on big health care, because that is so what a Normal Lawyer would do. Well, guess what. He IS going to take on big health care. And don't even think about tell him he can't, because this is based on a true story, so he can probably show you some microfiche or something that would prove that The Real Chris Evans, Esq. did this, and everything you thought you knew about law, normalcy, and Captain America has been a lie.

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