Reese Witherspoon Sets New Low for High Concept Reese Witherspoon Movies

August 2, 2011


As part of her experiment to test if she can somehow will an Academy Award to develop a frown, Four Christmases and How Do You Know star Reese Witherspoon has attached herself to Disney's Wish List, a comedy about a woman whose childhood wishes come true 25 years too late.

In the script, the story begins when a young, imaginative girl makes ten wishes at a wishing well, and then it turns out that the well is legitimately magic and can grant wishes--not unlike the magic fountain in Change-Up, except not urine-based. That concept, however, was still not stupid enough for the screenwriter behind Tooth Fairy and Mrs. Doubtfire, so, as it happens, the coin used to purchase these ten wishes ALSO becomes lodged in the well wall, only coming loose and hitting the bottom (the wish-granting center) when a now adult Reese Witherspoon is least expecting her childhood wishes to come true because of inexplicable magic. The film was reportedly first developed as a broad vehicle for a male star to drive to a baffling $60 million opening weekend, but what with Adam Sandler already doing magic desire fulfillment with Click and Bedtime Stories and all, he was due a respite spent playing his own sister. Now the script is being re-worked for Witherspoon, so don't worry: you'll still get all the references to a pony appearing in an apartment, New Kids on the Block showing up for a slumber party, etc. that we're all woefully expecting.

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