RIP, Moses Hightower

August 4, 2011


Bubba Smith, the football star and actor who time and time again played the part of super huge guy, died of natural causes Wednesday night while in his Los Angeles home. He was 66.

On the field, Smith played defensive lineman at Michigan State before being 1967's first overall draft pick, selected by the Baltimore Colts. By the 1970 season, he won his first and only Super Bowl with them, eventually getting traded to the Oakland Raiders and finally finishing his career with the Houston Oilers. Bubba's high school coach was his father, according to the cartoon trivia section on the back of this football card.

In the film world, Smith was best known as Moses Hightower, the gentle giant of the Police Academy series. I think he flipped over a car in the first one? He would reprise that role through nearly all of the film's sequels, eventually rising to the rank of lieutenant before skipping out on Mission to Moscow; he eventually returned to the character for 1997's Police Academy: The Series. Sadly, his last role seems to be in something called DaZe: Vol. Too (sic) - NonSeNse, which the IMDb has described as, "A post modern avant guard dramedy musical non-musical told nonlinearly." That film features an appearance by similarly-uniformed '80s giant Richard Moll, and also similarly marks the final performance of another actor, Andrew Koenig. What other death knells hath thou wrought, DaZe: Vol. Too (sic) - NonSeNse?

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