Ryan Gosling Is Most Bewildered Motorcyclist, and More...

August 1, 2011


- JustJared has the first look at Ryan Gosling's bleached, tattooed look for The Place Beyond the Pines. In the film, Gosling plays a criminal stunt motorcyclist who wears the stupidest pants you owned in 5th grade. (via)

- Oliver Stone and Joe Carnahan never got their Pablo Escobar movies going, but The Lincoln Lawyer director Brad Furman is going to give it a shot with a script by Matt Aldrich.

- 475 theaters nationwide will be screening a new, high-definition transfer of Scarface on August 31. Please, wear your cleanest airbrushed Tony Montana shirt.

- Total Recall remake doesn't involve Mars, but director Len Wiseman assured Collider at least one element from the original has been retained: there will still be the three-boob lady. Just as Philip K. Dick would have wanted. (via)

- Marvel is still going to move ahead with that Doctor Strange movie they'd been talking about. Just as soon as Ryan Reynolds' temples start to grey.

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