Shawn Levy Wants Will Smith for 'Fantastic Voyage' or Just Forget It

August 19, 2011


"Look, I'm either going to do a remake of Fantastic Voyage with Will Smith or some other big-ass star, or fuck it, I'm going home." That is, probably word-for-word, Shawn Levy's current position on if he's doing that Fantastic Voyage remake. The Night at the Museum visionary had hoped to shrink down his Real Steel star Hugh Jackman and send him inside the human body but that scheduling didn't work out, so now Levy is reportedly ready to walk away from the project unless, a) Will Smith will do it, or, b) someone else who is a big star like Will Smith will do it. Levy has a meeting with Smith in the coming weeks, and if that goes well, fair enough, Will Smith in: Fantastic Voyage it is. If it doesn't go well, Levy is demanding Fox find him another A-lister, or he walks, and we're left with Innerspace as our only Fantastic Voyage remake. And since that is obviously unacceptable, I think you know what you have to do, Will Smith. (You have to say, "Welcome to inside the human body!" real sassy like.)

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