Shawn Levy Will Probably Make You a Frankenstein Movie

August 25, 2011


With Fantastic Voyage stalled until Will Smith submits to being shrunk down inside the human body, director Shawn Levy is looking for another project to keep his mind distracted from its instincts of making another magic museum film. And with Levy's upcoming boxing robot movie, Real Steel, having proved the director's aptitude for delivering reanimated humanoid locomotion, 20th Century Fox is hoping that next project will be a Frankenstein movie. According to Deadline, Levy is close to working out a deal with the studio to direct Max Landis's Frankenstein script, with an eye on that filling out the end-of-year hole in his schedule. That doesn't give him much time to prep the film, but Fox doesn't really want to wait on this thing, as, chasing behind them, torches in hand, are seven (7) other Frankenstein films, all moving forward despite such a dense horde of rivals. As Mary Shelley asked in her famous novel, "What can stop the determined heart and resolved will of man?" Especially when man's resolute focus stares into the public domain, and tests with such high name recognition.

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