'Spy Kids 4' Will Literally Reek of Baby Shit

August 18, 2011


A couple months ago, we learned that Robert Rodriguez has added scratch-and-sniff cards to Spy Kids 4-D in his bid to become the modern-day, cowboy hat-wearing William Castle. That sounds fun and all--I liked getting those stickers on a graded paper, too, Rob--but what was carefully omitted from that little update was the news that one of the scratchable sections will release the playful aroma of the loose, lurid stool of an infant.

According to Rodriguez, "Kids wanted something really stinky in there," so, in complying with the children's request, one smell has been specially manufactured to correspond with a gag involving a baby's diaper. Filthy baby diaper is the fourth dimension, it turns out. Of course, went on to Rodriguez claims, "It really doesn't smell that bad. No one's going to get sick in the theater," so scatophiles shouldn't get too excited. We'll probably have to wait for a technological innovator like James Cameron to get on board before we'll ever whiff some baby shit that anyone will take seriously.


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