'Star Wars' Blu-ray Trailer: George Lucas Demands You Buy These Movies Again

August 12, 2011


On September 12, the complete, six-film Star Wars saga once again returns to home video--this time on Blue-ray, allowing you to enjoy the enjoyable 40% or so for the first time in high definition. You can finally get a real good look at when that green-skinned dancer's boob pops out for a second. Sweetening the deal: Lucas somehow found even more "never before seen footage" to nag at the completist in you until you finally give into the human tube's request for you to pay for Star Wars again. But on the plus side, you can buy it as the complete saga or as just the individual trilogies, so no need to pay for Jar Jar portions unless your tastes demand Liam Neeson's hazy chemical explanation for The Force. Here's the just-released trailer, in case you forgot what Star Wars is:

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