'Swinging with the Finkels' Trailer: Swinging for Those Unfamiliar with Craigslist

August 9, 2011


Seemingly set in London's Little Must See TV district, a fictional English neighborhood where at least half the residents are Americans with NBC sitcom experience, Swinging with the Finkels stars Martin Freeman and Mandy Moore as a couple struggling with sexual boredom and considering a trip into the world of swinging. This trailer has been out for a couple months now, and the film already had release in the UK, but I'm posting it now because, a.) I've just now become aware of it (thanks to ThePlaylist); b.) due to my eternal sympathies to Martin Freeman, thanks to his work on The Office; c.) it will convince you that Jonathan Silverman is alive and as well as could be expected after all those wild vacations at Bernie's; and, d.) a vibrator flies out of Mandy Moore's crotch and directly into Jerry Stiller's crotch, which doesn't sound like much for me to describe it, but when you see it, it's pretty spectacular to come to the realization, "Wow, that's everything. We'd done almost everything, but that was left, and now that's done."

So now what?

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