Talking Penguin Manga Becoming Talking Penguin Disney Morality Comedy

August 5, 2011


Just a month after the publication of his how-to-sell-out-in-Hollywood scriptwriting manual, Writing Movies for Fun and Profit: How We Made a Billion Dollars at the Box Office and You Can, Too!, Robert Ben Garant is already producing another lesson by example over at Disney. The Reno 911!/The State comedian now better known (alongside Thomas Lennon) for his wildly successful run of painfully broad family comedies (The Pacifier, Taxi, the Night at the Museum films, and so on) has been hired to write Tux, Disney's planned adaptation of the Japanese comic Tuxedo Gin. US rights owners VIZ Media, whose owners had reportedly "been veering away from talking animal films," will be producing this talking animal film. No man can resist the allure of the talking animal film.

The original manga tells the story of a young boxer killed in a motorcycle accident on his way to meet up with his dream girl, a character frequently depicted in a bikini. Given the chance at reincarnation as a small animal, the boxer, remembering dream girl's fondness for penguins, goes with that, and henceforth accompanies her, and protects her from the advances of other, non-penguin suitors.

It seems that as advanced as the U.S.'s talking animal science program is, it took the Japanese to point out that The Shaggy Dog could be merged with the ever-popular penguins and the concept of creepily protective exes. We, as a country, look like fools right now.

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