'Texas Killing Fields' Trailer: Sam Worthington Going To Try Being Texan

August 18, 2011


Sam Worthington can do all the dialects! Australian, American, Na'vi, Learning Computer, maybe slightly English or something for Clash of the Titans, and now, with Texas Killing Fields, he adds to that list the more specific American dialect of Texan. He can play a Sam Worthington of any region, so long as he at some point gets a big set piece to run around in. In this police procedural, Worthington plays a Texas cop investigating a long chain of murders and--along with New York detective Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who's visiting as part of the Beverly Hills Cop officer exchange program--trying to bring this murder guy to justice before he kills Chloe Moretz or Jessica Chastain or someone. Use your dialects, Sam Worthington!

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