'The Sitter' Trailer: A Vulgar Farewell to Fat Jonah Hill

August 4, 2011


Watching this first, red-band trailer for The Sitter, the first thing you're going to notice is the jarring disparity between the Jonah Hill that introduces the preview and the Jonah Hill that stars within. If you hadn't heard, over the last year or so, Hill lost like all the weight that been making his designation "fat sidekick," and seeing New Hill moments before Old Hill is like one of those hidden camera shows where they quickly switch someone out to see if you notice. Once you get over that shock, the next thing you'll probably notice is, man, this is a seriously vulgar movie for being about babysitting. Seriously, if I'd known we were legally allowed to throw "fucks" at kids like this, I'd have been putting these little shit heads in their place years ago. Outside that, the film basically looks like Adventures in Babysitting, but with younger kids and the ultimate goal being for Jonah Hill to get his lowers wet.

Have a look but, depending on your current location, please be prepared to either turn down your speakers or masturbate when this girl screams an orgasm.

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