Time To Get Slightly Fat Again, Renee Zellweger, and More...

August 12, 2011


- Those persistent rumors were true, and there will indeed be a third Bridget Jones movie. The task of choosing a preferred Love Actually star is such a Sisyphean task.

- Justin Lin has decided to focus on Terminator movies and more Fast/Furiouses, and won't be directing a Highlander remake anymore, because Justin Lin's priorities are completely arbitrary.

- Being in every movie coming out is still not enough for Bryan Cranston, so he's going to make a movie himself, too. The Breaking Bad star is in the process of writing an adaptation of David Wiltse's Home Again for himself to direct. Last time Cranston wrote and directed a feature (back in 1999), he also starred, so expect this film, like every other film, to make room for Cranston. (via)

- Never Let Me Go director Mark Romanek is being talked about to direct a new version of Cinderella for Disney. Still no movement on the Cinderfella remake.

- For those wondering if Sesame Street's token bickering roommates Burt and Ernie are ...you know... the Children's Television Workshop has issued an official statement saying, "they remain puppets, and do not have a sexual orientation." Come on, though, Red Fraggle?

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