Tom Hanks Will Probably Receive an Oscar for Carrying This Boy, and More...

August 10, 2011


- Here's a first look at Tom Hanks and young Jeopardy! champ-turned-actor Thomas Horn in Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. The precociousness fumes burn my eyes.

- The Messenger's Oren Moverman will write and possibly direct an adaptation of The Terrorist Search Engine off a New York Magazine article about Evan Kohlmann, a young counter-terrorism expert witness given the epithet "the Doogie Howser of terrorism." Jesse Eisenberg is attached to star, because he is Hollywood's unfortunate grandson who inevitably gets the call when Gramps hears some computer term he doesn't understand.

- Mark Wahlberg is in talks to star in 2 Guns, a Universal thriller based on the graphic novel about a DEA agent and undercover naval officer, both of whom are independently stealing from the mob and investigating one another. Those two are sure going to have a belly laugh when they realize that zany coincidence.

- Harry Brown director Daniel Barber is in talks to direct Substitution, a thriller being described as Strangers on a Train (or Horrible Bosses, if that's where we are now) but with a substitute teacher approaching a student about swapping murders. Because who would ever suspect a murderous team-up between a high school kid and a middle-aged guy with a Garfield tie and denim dress-shirt tucked into his jeans?

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