'Twixt' Trailer: Fanning Ghost, Poe Ghost, and Val Kilmer's Big Fat Face

August 3, 2011


You ever have that dream where Val Kilmer is a hack horror writer whose face is twice the size of a normal human face, and who has recurring visions involving the ghosts of Edgar Allan Poe and one of the Fannings? Hey, Francis Ford Coppola has that dream, too! But what with him being the visionary director of Jack and all, he didn't just let this night-Kilmer slip by. Rather, as he told the New York Times:

...as I was having it I realized perhaps it was a gift, as I could make it as a story, perhaps a scary film, I thought even as I was dreaming. But then some loud noise outside woke me up, and I wanted to go back to the dream and get an ending. But I couldn't fall back asleep so I recorded what I remembered right there and then on my phone. I realized that it was a gothic romance setting, so in fact I'd be able to do it all around my home base, rather than have to go to a distant country.

So, basically, while The Godfather was Coppola's chance to tell a vast story of family, crime, tradition, and betrayal, Twixt is his shot at saying, "Guys, you would not believe the wild dream I had! It had like this vampire dude on a motorcycle and shit!" Here's the trailer.

Huh. How about that?

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