'Warrior' Sneak Preview: See Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton Beat Each Other Up Five Days Early

August 30, 2011


If you're dying to know whether it's Tom Hardy or Joel Edgerton who becomes our titular Warrior of Warrior (God, what if they both become Warrior!?), good news: you can find out a little earlier than expected. Though the film won't officially hit theaters until September 9th, Lionsgate is holding a nationwide sneak preview on the 4th at 7pm, giving audiences across the U.S. the rare opportunity to spend money on this movie slightly earlier than expected. Because, yeah, you still have to pay and all. We're just talking about seeing it a slightly early, in case you have nothing going on Sunday. Anyway, ticket info is available on the official site, or, if you aren't sold yet, beyond the cut is the official trailer, filled with inspirational music, images of Joel Edgerton getting his permanently-sorrowful eyes blackened, and basically enough plot points to render the remainder of the film pretty redundant.

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