'Woman in Black' Teaser: A Terrifying Spin on Chris De Burgh's 1986 Hit

August 17, 2011


In the first teaser for Woman in Black, Daniel Radcliffe's frightful encounter with a zoetrope made the whole film seem sort of like The Ring for the Victorian-era gentleman. This primitive animating device is haunted, everyone! But, with blunt narration, this latest trailer makes clear, no, guys, it's not the zoetrope that's haunted: it's the whole town! But mostly it's this one super haunted-looking building filled with all of Earth's creepiest toys (an all-monkey toy band, a bald clown automaton that appears to climax at regular intervals, etc). Such a haunted house situation, naturally, becomes an issue for anyone who hears about a house full of toys and think it sounds like a great vacation spot. Sadly, ol' Glasses Wizard learns that the hard way when he shows up to town seemingly unawares of this spectral Woman in Black until it's too late. And by too late, I mean that at a certain point he's already done so many "dramatically whip around" shots that he might as well just see this haunting to its completion.

You know, just going from this footage, you know what might be a better name for her than "Lady in Black"? "Lady Who Has Gaping Holes Instead of Eyes." Fine, not as catchy, but so much more distinctive.

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