'Avengers' Come Slightly Closer To Actual Assembly

September 29, 2011


Thus far, the closest we've seen to a full-costume assembling of the Avengers is through the various artist renditions that have provided but a courtroom sketch-style hint of the team together. In the latest Entertainment Weekly, we move one step closer to assembly reality with the above cover featuring, for once, actual photographs of The Avengers main cast mostly in their get-ups. Sure, it's actual photographs lazily composited into a sub-elementary school art class collage, but hey, let's at least give Mark Ruffalo credit for somehow, amazingly committing to an even more pouty, Zoolander-esque model face than Chris Evans' previous Entertainment Weekly cover. Who would have thought it possible?

And since this reminded you, alright, go ahead and look at the naked pictures of Scarlett Johansson again.

First Look at The Avengers in EW [ComingSoon]

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