'Back to the Future II' Shoes Finally Coming Out of Nike's Sweatshops

September 8, 2011


Back to the Future II's hoverboards remain depressingly far from the technological grasp of our best scienceers, but hey, if you want to wear those self-lacing Nike's Marty McFly wore in 2015, it looks like you'll be able to do that pretty soon. As hinted at by BTTF producer Frank Marshall and basically confirmed by the promo video under the cut, the sneaker giant will tonight--it would seem by this invitation--be announcing the release of Nike MAG shoes: replicas of Michael J. Fox's futuristic footgear to be available to the fanboy public, so that their feet may announce their fandom in ways their flying DeLorean tattoos apparently weren't doing effectively enough.

Here's Nike's official video showing off racks and racks of the glowing sneakers, so that you can start anticipating how they'll look under a pair of cargo shorts.

Hopefully after tonight's official announcement we'll have more information, like availability, price point, if they'll be as warm to wear as they look, etc.


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