'Big Year' Trailer: Steve Martin, Jack Black, and Owen Wilson Have an Inoffensive Adventure

September 7, 2011


You know what always really helps a tepid comedy? Space! Jokes are way better when they're given ample room to stretch out and completely dissipate, such as in an epic, year-long, nationwide trek, don't you think? Clearly Owen Wilson, Jack Black, and Steve Martin would agree. They all decided to star in The Big Year, a new almost-comedy that sees the three leads as bird enthusiasts taking some time off to travel across North America, competitively spot birds, and engage in gently amusing antics that, much like director David Frankel's last Owen Wilson vehicle, Marley & Me, seem intended to just make Grandma's lips curl up one last time before she passes. Anyway, despite the premise, don't expect to see a lot of the bird watching in this trailer. Seemingly reaching the logical conclusion that absolutely no one wants to see a bird watching movie, the studio has attempted to remove virtually all mention of the trio's birdquest from the preview, instead shaping the film into something like The Bucket List 2: CBS's Amazing Race. But if you're into that, go for it:

Hard to believe Nora Ephron didn't have her fingers in this dough, huh?

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