Bitchin' Rock Star from Mars To Star in 'Charlie Swan'

September 9, 2011


In his first film project since becoming such a huge asshole, Charlie Sheen will play the title character in A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charlie Swan III, thus infusing the indie film with his gift of tiger blood and all that. Written and directed by Roman Coppola--who directed CQ in 2001, but since has limited his workload to writing and second unit directing with Wes Anderson and fellow Coppolas--Swan follows a hugely successful graphic designer whose meteoric rise into money and fame ends up sending him into a downward spiral. What a tragically Lisa Frank-ian tale that will be. Also joining the cast: Jason Schwartzman, who does not have Adonis DNA but does have Coppola DNA, which may not have as high a win percentage but does get you pretty far in Hollywood.

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