Brendan Fraser and 'Yogi Bear' Director Will Make You a 3D William Tell Movie

September 8, 2011


Hey, you want to see Brendan Fraser put on a little hairpiece and shoot an arrow directly at you? Good, because that's going to be a movie now. Yogi Bear's Eric Brevig is attached to reunite with his Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D muse, Brendan Fraser, for Arclight Pictures' unduly punctuated William Tell: 3D, a family adventure that will use all of our 3Ds to retell the legend of William Tell shooting an apple off his son's head and igniting a rebellion. Which probably means that producers have this one shot in mind of an arrow coming RIGHT at the screen before hitting an apple in slow motion, and they'll figure the rest out on-set. Thankfully, Brevig and Fraser are some of our top minds when it comes to the kind of utterly pointless 3D implementation the title William Tell: 3D implies. They are truly cinema's George Washington Carvers of our three-dimensional peanuts. Need I remind you what they came up with to make Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D's pre-center of the Earth parts exciting? They came up with this:

Spitting and shoving books at the camera! Those were his ideas for shots. So already that's two more things William Tell can do to eat up some time. We've almost got a movie here, guys.

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