Cruise and Duvall: Together Again, and More...

September 28, 2011


- Days of Thunder co-stars Tom Cruise and Robert Duvall will once again share the screen thanks to Christopher McQuarrie's One Shot and our sponsors at Mello Yello.

- Amidst all the recent news of online streaming deals, a television studio deals is also kicking in over at Telemundo, where they've begun licensing Disney-Pixar films. I can't wait to watch three minutes of Up before shouting, "Fuck, it's in Spanish!"

- Mira Sorvino will play alcoholic mother to Abigail Breslin and Georgie Henley in The Class Project, a based-on-a-true-story drama about the daughters plotting to murder their delinquent mother and collect the insurance money--a plot that should do well to prepare Sorvino for her inevitable decline into Lifetime movies.

- John Goodman has joined the cast of Flight, Robert Zemeckis's upcoming film about pilot Denzel Washington making a miraculous plane landing while under the influence of several substances. Goodman will play a friend tasked with convincing Washington that doing so was dangerous, not incredibly awesome.

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