'Expendables 2' Will Flesh Out Those Schwarzenegger/Willis Cameos

September 7, 2011


As impressive of an action recipe as Sylvester Stallone succeeded in assembling for The Expendables, when you look back over the ingredient list, it's obvious there's a lot of bulky filler just to make you feel like you got your money's worth. Sure, there was some Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis in there, but what--like 2%?--compared to over five times the daily recommended values of Eric Roberts and Steve Austin. That is not a healthy action serving, Sylvester Stallone! Thankfully, for the sequel, it sounds like ol' Sly is trying a bit harder deliver us a nutritionally sound Expendable. Deadline reports both Schwarzenegger and Willis will have meaty, "substantial" roles in The Expendables 2, at last boosting them to the status of Dolph Lungren peer. As for how this will affect Stallone and company's rumored pursuit of Donnie Yen, Christopher Lambert, Chuck Norris, Christian Slater, John Travolta, Nicolas Cage, and Taylor Lautner to join the cast, there's no telling. But hopefully it will not affect it at all, because obviously what the first Expendables was missing was another nine dudes. Also: Donald Gibbs. Put Donald Gibbs in this too, please.

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