'Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close' Trailer Extremely Cloying, Incredibly Precocious

September 29, 2011


When young over-enunciator Oskar Schell loses his father in the September 11 attacks, he is, naturally, pretty distraught. He lost a parent, after all, and that parent was TOM HANKS, America's Favorite Actor. Like so many an adolescent boy, with his father away, Oskar starts rooting through what dad's gotten hidden in his closet, and there he finds a key--perhaps, he guesses, to something his dad had hoped for him to find in the event of unpredictable terrorist attack. But what does the key unlock??? A safety deposit box holding more keys? An emotional U2 score? A Best Supporting Actress nomination for Sandra Bullock? A dirty apartment containing a dehydrated and captive Max Von Sydow? Tears? How about ALL OF THOSE THINGS:

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