'I Melt with You' Red-Band Trailer: Our Most Emotionally Exhausting 'Hangover'

September 30, 2011


Remember that video of Rob Lowe acting super-tormented for 15 seconds as a preview for I Melt with You? Well, here's the full trailer for the Mark Pellington-directed film, which stars Lowe, Thomas Jane, Jeremy Piven, and Christian McKay as old college friends who meet once a year to party like crazy and make Girls Go Wild. Unfortunately, this latest year doesn't go so well, and everyone ends up making a lot of sad faces, at last providing a somber counterpoint to all the freewheelin' good times had during Grown Ups. Without the ever-humorous presence of Rob Schneider, turns out reunions can get pret-ty dour:

So that pact, that's just about forever looking and acting like huge douchebags, then?

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