Jason Statham in a Cowboy Hat, and More...

September 20, 2011


- So here's how Jason Statham will look playing the eponymous role in Parker: like the bad guy trying to snatch up the old farmhouse and drill for oil in every family film about that happening.

- In a new interview with Ryan Gosling, the super-awesome driver reportedly revealed what will put a stop to his acting career, saying, "I'll make movies until I make babies." Did the intense romance of The Notebook not make enough babies for you, Gos?

- Prison Break's Robert Knepper has joined R.I.P.D., and will play a spirit called a "deado," whatever the fuck that means.

- Jon Turteltaub, director of our National Treasures, is attached to direct Last Vegas, a comedy about four old men meeting up in Las Vegas for an elderly bachelor party that leads to two of group competing for the affections of a lounge singer. Finally, a middle ground between The Hangover and Grumpy Old Men.

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