Jessica Chastain Doing Sci-Fi with T. Cruise

September 27, 2011


With parts in The Debt, The Help, and The Tree of Life clearly defining Jessica Chastain as a separate entity from Ron Howard's daughter, the ginger actress is now set to take on a big part opposite Tom Cruise in TRON: Legacy director Joseph Kosinski's next project. Once called Oblivion and later re-titled Horizons, the film currently remains untitled--presumably because both of those titles sound like Star Trek paperbacks--but will star Tom Cruise as the last man on Earth's surface, a maintenance worker who repairs drones while his loving partner (Chastain) remains in Lando's luxurious cloud city above. Crusie eventually finds another attractive woman on the surface and, being that she isn't one of these uppity "the Earth's surface isn't good enough for me" assholes, he falls for her, at last delivering to us a WALL-E tale that looks less like a little Short Circuit and more like an aged Top Gun.

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