John Moore Will Make You That 'Die Hard 5'

September 1, 2011


John Moore, director of 2008's Max Payne, will at last get a chance to put to practical use all his practice at making office buildings explode with gunshots, glass, and implausibility, Die Hard style (because nothing in Max Payne was practical for anyone). After a month of deciding among a list of candidates that included Joe Cornish, Justin Lin, and Nicolas Winding Refn, Fox and Die Hard himself, B. Willis, have at last settled on John Moore to helm the next chapter of the increasingly-absurd Die Hard series. Together, Moore and Willis will this time be taking the franchise to Russia, where John McClane will shoot some guys who have Russian accents--like Peter Stormare, one would imagine.

And now, with no real segue, here, once again, is The Ben Stiller Show's trailer for Die Hard 12: Die Hungry. The line between satire and reality will soon be a mere seven films away!

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