'Joyful Noise' Trailer: Queen Latifah and Dolly Parton's Re-Animated Husk Do Some Gospel Singing

September 27, 2011


In Joyful Noise, Queen Latifah plays the recently-crowned head of a small town choir that, as hard as they try, just can't seem to win this big competition for gospel acts. The problem? A large-haired member of the choir, who appears to be John Carpenter's vision of Barbie, seems to think the issue is they aren't dancing enough. But her cool young grandson has another idea: "Hey, why don't we just do a bunch of contemporary covers? Haven't you idiots seen Glee?" John Carpenter's Barbie's grandson is right. That show is super fucking popular. And if you haven't seen Glee, even Sister Act knew that you have to sing pop hits to win the crowd. Wise up, Queen.


Haha, Edward Scissorhands! Because she's ghastly.

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