'Margaret' Trailer: Bus Driver Horseplay and Teenage Lust Cause Accidents, People

September 1, 2011


Look, teenage girls, I know you get horny and you want to sleep with whatever Culkin brother answers the phone first, but please, be careful: in your haste to rough-up the maidenhead, please do not contribute to a bus accident that kills a woman. Such is the apparent lesson of Margaret, a film that, like so many of my sexual encounters, begins with boundless, lustful anticipation and quickly devolves to hours of crying.

Anna Paquin once again asks you to buy her as a high schooler (though, in fairness, this was shot in like 2005), playing a New York City 17-year-old with aspirations to lose her virginity to Kieran Culkin. Unfortunately, en route to the encounter, a playful game of "hey, let me on that bus" between her and driver Mark Ruffalo ends in the bus hitting Allison Janney, an innocent who didn't deserve to die even if she was using a pushcart for like two bags of groceries. So, though the rest of the film, we follow a guilt-stricken Paquin as she sobs through her diastema, lies to the cops for Ruffalo's sake, falls into a relationship with teacher Matt Damon, and generally feels pretty shitty about having watched the death of part of the The West Wing cast. Also, Matthew Broderick is there, because as we learned through Election, where there's a teacher effing a student, Broderick is inevitably sharing a fridge in that teachers' lounge.

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