Our Roughest Looking Faces Will Be Starring in More Things, and More...

September 26, 2011


- Justin Timberlake is attached to star as record producer Neil Bogart in Spinning Gold, a biopic on the Casablanca Records founder being set up by his sons. In the '70s, Casablanca created a musical legacy by signing bands like KISS, Donna Summer, and the Village People, but Bogart died in 1983, and now the recently re-launched company is known for putting out some Lindsay Lohan albums. So what I'm saying is, Lindsay Lohan should probably be in this, too, right?

- Julianne Hough and Russell Brand have joined Diablo Cody's untiled directorial debut. Hough will play "a sheltered young woman who loses her faith after a plane crash and revels in the decadence of Las Vegas," while Brand will play a man experimenting on if anyone at all is going to tolerate another Russell Brand vehicle.

- A History of Violence writer Josh Olson has been hired to write Tabloid, a thriller to be based on an idea by Mick Jagger and being set up as an acting project for the Rolling Stones frontman. That planned Nick Nolte-Tom Waits drama is getting some real competition in the indescribably-haggard star department.

- And speaking of seriously beat-up faces, The Room auteur Tommy Wiseau is going to star in this web series about video games and aliens so that he may continue his descent into pitiful near-self-awareness. Oh, hi, trailer:

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