'Premium Rush' Trailer Makes Joseph Gordon-Levitt Our Greatest Bike Messenger

September 16, 2011


Hey, Trivia Wizards, what film starts with Daily Show correspondent Aasif Mandvi demanding a package be delivered under his strict, promised terms of expediency? If you're thinking Spider-Man 2, well done, Trivia Wizard, you're right. But if you're thinking this new movie where Joseph Gordon-Levitt is on a bicycle, it turns out you are also right, because for some reason that is also how Premium Rush opens.

With a title that sounds like a limited edition Mountain Dew flavor, Premium Rush casts Gordon-Levitt as a fanatical bike messenger--the kind of guy you don't want to bring up cycling with because they'll say things like, to quote this trailer, "I like to ride. Fixed gear. No brakes. Can't stop. Don't want to, either," and then everyone will want to punch him in the face. Being that we're given all indication that JGL is proooobably The Best Bike Messenger (it's either him or his flirtatious co-worker, for sure), deliveries usually aren't an issue for this cool dude, but that all changes on the morning in question, when Jamie Chung shamefully gives him his toughest assignment yet: deliver this lazy MacGuffin (a scrap of paper), Joseph Gordon-Levitt! Sounds easy enough, right? Unfortunately, corrupt cop Michael Shannon also really wants that scrap of paper, and he is willing to hit our bicyclist hero with whatever taxi it will take to get that business card-sized prize.

Aren't incredibly specific "extreme" movies like this meant to come out only on video, and ideally circa 1999?

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